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Our Vision
The Design department has a vision that all students will strive to be confident when being creative in lessons and develop their own independent creative journey throughout KS3 and, if they choose, KS4. A successful Design student will always be able to explain ‘why’ not just ‘what’ they have done within projects. This will enable students to refine and modify their work to develop independently and to become more creative within the project set and beyond. Students will develop ways to manage workloads to ensure work is completed to their target levels/grades and take ownership of their work and own learning. Students will understand throughout KS3 the skills that are learnt in Design link to other subjects in school and will be able to apply skills from other subjects to their work in Design.

Your teacher for Textiles is committed to the learning of all students and will help students progress by providing verbal and written feedback regularly. Teachers have agreed to provide students with opportunities in lesson to be creative, independent and to be challenged. In lessons students will have the opportunity to learn new skills that could be transferred to other lessons and students will have the opportunity to use knowledge from other subjects in Design. Lessons will inspire students to think and be creative.

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Years 7 & 8 (KS3)
Years 9 – 11 (KS4)