Educational Visits & Enrichments

Here are ALNS we are proud to offer a hugely diverse range of opportunities to our students in every year group both within the curriculum and beyond.

Clubs and activities take place at lunchtime and after school, incorporating interests such as debating, trampolining, playing games or making trade fairer.  There is a prefect whose role it is to review and support our extra-curricular offer.

Latest Trip Reports and News

Playground Challenge

There are a wide range of team and individual sports to choose from. Our students compete against local schools and in national tournaments. We also offer the opportunity to become Sports Leaders.

School productions

There are numerous opportunities for students to take part in whole school productions, both on stage and behind the scenes as well as smaller scale performance events throughout the year.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

This year, from January, the year 10s attended weekly sessions with the aim of preparing themselves adequately for their Duke of Edinburgh expeditions which took place in May and June. These training sessions ranged from learning to cook on Trangiers to emergency first aid.

In addition to the expeditions, students are required to complete three independent sections of the award; Skills, Physical and Volunteering for 3-6 months.

Over the 6 months of preparations for the DofE expeditions, our year 10s made giant leaps into the unknown, whether it be working with people they don’t know for free, or learning to read a map and compass. Everyone was required try new things, and meet new people.

Our year 10 students have excelled during the DofE award this year. They have shown us teamwork, perseverance, grit and pride, and all with a smile on their faces!

Clubs and Activities

Students are also given opportunities to visit amazing places during their time at ALNS. Recent trips have included visits to theatres, the Royal Albert Hall,  Marwell zoo, and London. There are a huge range of international trips too, that include The Gambia, Italy, Ypres, Achen, France and Poland.

These are just some of the opportunities that are available for ALNS students:

Year 7

Weald and Downland History trip
Literacy Quiz
BBC School Report
Young Engineer Competition
Rock Challenge
BAE Road Show

Year 8

Faraday Challenge
Pantomime Trip
Get Inspired (Careers Roadshow)
Southampton and Chichester University trips
You Speak
BBC School Report
Rock Challenge
Year 8 Camp

Year 9

Explosion Museum
Big Bang event
Sports Leaders
You Speak
Rock Challenge

Year 10

Options Days trips
Chichester University Day
Sports Leader
Mentoring Programme
Girls' Network trip to Parliament
Rock Challenge
Work Experience

Year 11

Albert Hall
Poetry Live
Portsmouth University Revision
Paris Trip
Easter and May half term revision
Year 11 BBQ