Expansion Plans

Why expand?

We want to provide an even greater service for our community and respond to the fact that we have been oversubscribed in every year since we opened!

We want to improve our facilities for current and future students.

It will give us the ability and the resources to continue to provide a first class educational offer to all our students now and going forward.

It will support our partners in Portsmouth by providing much needed additional secondary school places.

How are we expanding?

We will be gradually increasing from our current number to 1250 students.

This will be accomplished by admitting an extra 50 students in year 7 for September 2020 (taking it to 250) and then every year 7 going forward, until we have 250 in every year group.

The new single-story expansion will provision 10 brand new classrooms, a new secure entrance/reception area and an extra meeting room.

It will also involve the refurbishment of large parts of the existing school building and outdoor facilities - see below for more detail on this.

Artist's impression of the completed expansion.
Artist's impression of the exterior of the new expansion.
Artist's impression of the exterior of the new expansion.
Artist's impression of a potential classroom layout in the new expansion.

Alterations, updates and refurbishments

  • New science and design teaching spaces.
  • Updated student WC facilities.
  • Provision of a new lift mechanism within the existing shaft.
  • Landscape works including the provision of new car parking, hard informal play spaces and formal ball courts.
  • Adaptations to the existing site entrance and exit to accommodate the new layout and provide much enhanced security for the whole site.

How will we make it work?

A plan showing the interior of the expansion.
  • We are consistently a very good school with stable staff, strong teaching, strong student voice and very capable, experienced leadership
  • We have very well established and safe routines which can be adapted to the new size and layout
  • The house system ensures students can't be "lost in the crowd"
  • With the increase in student numbers, the expansion will make it easier to keep class sizes down and to continue to offer an exciting, stimulating and nationally recognised curriculum

Site plan