Governance Structure

There is no prescription for membership of the LGBs except Parent Governors.  Articles 100,101 and 53 refer.  The Salterns’ Board has agreed the following membership for the Admiral Lord Nelson School Local Governing Body:

  • The Headteacher (Trustee to Salterns Academy Trust)
  • 3 Governors appointed by the Directors
  • 3 Elected Parent Governors appointed by the Directors (Articles 53 and 54A refer)
  • 3 Elected Employee Governors (minimum of 1 teacher and 1 non teaching representative)
  • 3 Co-Opted Governors appointed by the other non Co-Opted Governors

Employees are therefore 3 of 13 not >33.33% criteria (re: Governors Handbook/Best Practice).

The Local Governing Body meetings every month, except August, with a rolling agenda focussing on Curriculum and Standards, Finance and Estates and Human Resources.  Governor leads for the three foci are appointed each July for an annual term of office.

Associate (non voting) members will be Finance Lead, HR Lead and Deputy Heads for the school.

Terms of Office throughout the above will be 4 years except the Headteacher who will remain on the Governing Body whilst in that role.  Additionally Employee Governors are appointed on an ex-officio basis so their role as Governor will cease if they leave the employ of the Trust.