Year 7 “Meet the Tutor” Evening – Information Video.

It is such a shame we are unable to host this evening as a face to face event but we do still want to ensure you feel you have both received the information you need for a successful Year 7 and have had an opportunity to tell us what you would like us to know about your child.

As per Mrs Holness email, you will have, hopefully received an email inviting you to a Zoom meeting with your child’s tutor. If you have not, please contact the appropriate Head of House.

Please find the information video here……

Meet your tutors

Tutor List

  • S1: S Rennison & H Blakeledge
  • S2: C Green & C Palmer
  • S3: A Greenway & H Burrows
  • S4: R Day & A Tregunna
  • S5: R Britti & V Holman
  • S6: D Lucas & L Masters
  • S7: S Jenkins &
  • S8: J Easby & S Owenson
  • S9: E Plennevaux & K Thornton
  • S10: N Wisbey & T Linn
  • S11: C Doherty & L Driscoll
  • S12: E Bacon &

Merit awards