Personal Development

In addition to subject lessons, the Formal Curriculum also comprises a range of planned experiences called Personal Development Days (PD Days). These days are designed to provide learning opportunities where staff and students work together for extended periods of time to develop students’ Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS), namely to be:

  • Independent Enquirers
  • Creative Thinkers
  • Reflective Learners
  • Team Workers
  • Self-Managers
  • Effective Participators

PD Days are planned and delivered collaboratively by cross-organisational teams of teaching and support staff. This supports our philosophy that every adult who works at ALNS plays a part in delivering the ALNS Curriculum. PD Days are planned so that they provide learning opportunities that develop knowledge and understanding within the Cross-Curriculum Dimensions below:

  • Identity and Cultural Diversity
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Community Participation
  • Creativity and Critical Thinking
  • Enterprise
  • Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development
  • Technology and the Media

Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills are ‘taught’ within Humanities lessons and, like Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills, are developed and applied across all aspects of the Formal Curriculum. We aim to provide coherence by linking learning on PD Days with learning in other areas of the Formal Curriculum. Off-site visits, International trips and the use of outside ‘experts’ (from our local community and beyond) that enhance and enrich the learning experience for students are a key feature of our PD Days.