Numeracy Across the Curriculum

At ALNS we view Numeracy as a fundamental life skill that is needed in many facets of everyday existence – personal, leisure, social and work – in order for people to lead a confident and fulfilling like in school and beyond.  We strive to develop learners that are confident and proficient in numerical skills as well as the wider use and application of mathematics such as problem solving, understanding and explaining the solutions, making decisions based on logical thinking and reasoning, and interpreting data, charts and diagrams.

The Numeracy Toolbox

Filename / LinkSize
Angles - General.pdf100.09 Kb
Angles - Measuring, classifying & drawing.pdf403.21 Kb
Area Of Shapes.pdf118.69 Kb
Averages.pdf80.34 Kb
Constructions - Triangles and Bisectors.pdf208.94 Kb
Decimals.pdf106.7 Kb
Fractions.pdf115.21 Kb
Linear Graphs.pdf143.92 Kb
Multiplying And Dividing.pdf917.04 Kb
Multiplying Decimals.pdf103.02 Kb
Nth Term.pdf247.06 Kb
Percentages - Questions.pdf42.93 Kb
Percentages.pdf111.91 Kb
Probability - Basic.pdf53.78 Kb
Probability - Calculating.pdf481.1 Kb
Ratios.pdf79.23 Kb
Sampling Methods.pdf228.31 Kb
Scale Drawing.pdf31.36 Kb

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