School Policies

Admiral Lord Nelson School

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ALNS Risk Assessment and Protocols June 2020.pdf1.68 Mb
Absence Management Policy - November 2017.pdf729.84 Kb
Accessibility Plan - June 2019.pdf175.93 Kb
Admissions Policy 2019-2020.pdf200.91 Kb
Admissions Policy 2020-2021.pdf111.03 Kb
Admissions Policy 2021-2022.pdf109.8 Kb
Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy - February 2016.pdf364.24 Kb
Anti-Bullying Policy - September 2019.pdf150.39 Kb
Attendance Policy - April 2019.pdf311.03 Kb
Behaviour Policy - April 2019.pdf220.9 Kb
Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy - September 2019.pdf331.31 Kb
Charging and Remissions Policy - February 2020.pdf93.01 Kb
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (DRAFT).pdf559.39 Kb
Children Who Are Looked After Policy - February 2020.pdf136.25 Kb
Complaints Policy - March 2019.pdf200.74 Kb
Curriculum Policy - January 2019.pdf156.4 Kb
Data Protection - April 2016.pdf133.43 Kb
Emergency Plan - 2018-2019.pdf737.22 Kb
Equality Policy - April 2018.pdf542.56 Kb
Examination Policy - November 2019.pdf271.7 Kb
Freedom of Information.pdf105.17 Kb
Grievance Policy.pdf143.4 Kb
Health & Safety Policy - September 2019.pdf442.83 Kb
Model Agreement for Consultation and Negotiation - October 2018.pdf174.38 Kb
Pay Policy Teachers 2019-2020.pdf435.23 Kb
Professional Learning Policy - November 2019.pdf250.71 Kb
Protected Disclosures - January 2020.pdf184.46 Kb
Register Policy - February 2019.pdf9.03 Mb
SEND Policy - November 2019.pdf202.95 Kb
School Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) - September 2019.pdf139.92 Kb
Social Responsibility Policy - January 2020.pdf142.21 Kb
Support Staff Appraisal Policy - June 2019.pdf361.34 Kb
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions - November 2019.pdf120.93 Kb
Teaching Staff Appraisal Policy - June 2019.pdf303.9 Kb
Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy - May 2019.pdf252.81 Kb
Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy during Covid -19 School Closures - April 2020.pdf272.33 Kb
Trade Union and Professional Association Recognition and Procedure for Consultation and Negotiation – November 2019.pdf164.72 Kb

The uniform and equipment rules/policies are located on a separate page here.

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