What is SMSC?

SMSC stands for the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education of young people and at ALNS we have always prided ourselves our provision. Our commitment to Personal Development through the curriculum and beyond and being a Rights Respecting and an Artsmark school have been recognised at a national level.

Earlier this year we decided to apply to have our SMSC assessed by the Citizenship foundation who award schools at Bronze, Silver or Gold level for their provision. On the 18th January a reviewer came to visit our school and we were awarded the highest level and are now very proudly a GOLD SMSC school.

On the day, the assessor interviewed some staff, the Headteacher, a group of students along with governors and parents. He was really impressed with the school and said in his final report:

“It became apparent very early on in the visit that the culture  of  SMSC  is deeply embedded within the ethos of the school simply by looking at the many wall displays and also the general tone and demeanour of the students as they moved around their school. The students were able to use high level vocabulary to talk and explain about the ‘family’ atmosphere at the school.”

“Admiral Lord Nelson School is a UNICEF Rights Respecting school and this is known and acknowledged by every member of the school community. The wall displays are of a very high professional standard and also the rights and responsibilities of all members of the community are reflected in SMSC posters around the school.”

“The very high importance given to pupil voice is remarkable in every respect and permeates the ethos of day to day life at the school. The number of subject ambassadors is clear evidence of this linked to the fact that the school council is run by the students during curriculum time and always achieves 100% attendance by tutor group representatives. Also needing to be highlighted is the fact that the day before my visit the students, after long discussions, voted on which new school uniform to adopt.”

You can learn more about our SMSC provision here.