South Coast Universities

We are very fortunate in where we live that we have access to a number of excellent Universities along the South Coast, below are links to various Universities that you may want to consider, however, there are many more around the country for you may wish to visit. One thing that students and parents can find difficult to get to grips with is Student Finance, there is a handy guide on the following link Save the Student – Student Finance

University of Portsmouth

University of Southampton (Russell Group)

Solent University

University of Chichester

University of Brighton

Bournemouth University

University of Surrey (Guildford)

University of Winchester

University of Sussex

Universities further away

Why University? Why Oxford?: [this video is 42 minutes long but students can skip to the bits most relevant for them]

Somerville College Tour (Oxford Uni): [filmed with student guides on site]

Virtual Tour of Somerville (Oxford Uni): [more information than the student-led one]

If you have any questions that you would like to ask a current university student at Oxford you can message them on the link below. This is monitored by the University inline with safeguarding procedures, do not include any address details or personal information

Useful websites


Discover Uni

The Complete University Guide


The Uni Guide (formerly Which Guide)

Russell Group