The Ambassadorial Role of ALNS

On the 6th March 2012 UNICEF invited staff and the winning students from our ‘Charter Challenge Competition’ to give a presentation at the first secondary schools network event in London. Our presentation focussed on the development of our ALNS Charter and explained the extensive work led by our steering group in finalising it for our student planners in September 2012. At the end of the day forty members of the UNICEF staff took time out of their day to come and listen to our winning teams presentation and watch their film, for which they received a huge round of applause! Hopefully our presentation will have inspired other secondary schools to follow in our footsteps!

Steering Group

As part of our journey to becoming a Rights Respecting School our steering group was set up in September 2011. It consists of representatives from teaching and support staff, parents and governors, students from each year group and members of the leadership team. Since achieving the level 1 award in February 2012, more of the leadership is now coming from our student ambassadors, headed by our Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl, but the steering group still has a key role to play in guiding us to the next stage and developing further opportunities to build on our rights respecting work and ethos.

January 2016 Update

As we enter 2016 our RRS group of Amabassadors is stronger than ever. We meet every week and can be clearly identified by our badges. We have spent time working in other schools over the past year or so making them aware of young peoples rights and responsibilities. Our group now take the lead on charity work and deciding where the money we raise should go to and recently we have been updating our charter to make sure the language of it is “student friendly” and that it really does reflect what we at ALNS are about.

This new charter can now be found here.