What can I do to support my child in their learning?


In their GCSE exams students will need to have a reading age of between 16 and 18 years old so that they can fully understand the questions and have the rich vocabulary necessary to use in their answers.  Reading, like anything else, improves with practice so reading anything will help.  With so many other distractions available, it’s all too easy for young people to turn on the television or log on to a social networking site...


Your child has now been given their timetable for the mock exams in February. In both assemblies and lessons, they are being given advice and strategies on how best to revise and prepare for these exams. We have been really clear with them that these mock exams are a ‘diagnosis’, so that both the students and their teachers are acutely aware of which areas they are good at...


Over the last year we have prioritised students having their books at home with them so that the books are always at hand to support with their independent learning.  It would be great if you could look through your child’s books with them and discuss their work with them.  This is a great way to get to know what they are doing at school and also to get them to look over their work and reflect on where they need to...

Department-specific advice

  • Art (Coming soon)
  • Dance (Coming soon)
  • Digital Communications (Coming soon)
  • Drama (Coming soon)
  • English
  • Food & Nutrition (Coming soon)
  • Geography (Coming soon)
  • Graphic Communications (Coming soon)
  • History (Coming soon)
  • Modern Foreign Languages (Coming soon)
  • Mathematics
  • Music (Coming soon)
  • Personal Development (Coming soon)
  • Physical Education (Coming soon)
  • Product Design (Coming soon)
  • Psychology (Coming soon)
  • Religious Education (Coming soon)
  • Science (Coming soon)
  • Textiles (Coming soon)

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