Who are our Governors?

Admiral Lord Nelson School is an Academy which is a publicly funded, independently governed school. This means that it has a funding agreement with the Secretary of State for Education and the Governing Body is responsible for this.

ALNS Local Governing Body 2018-2019

Name of Governor Type of   Appointee Date Appointed
Nys Hardingham Headteacher April 2014
Tina Henley Director Appointed June 2018
Jane Beecher Director Appointed September 2016
Tania Osborne Director Appointed (Chair) January 2019
Toby Simmonds Co-opted May 2018 (re-elected)
Justeen White Co-opted January 2017
Hayden Taylor Co-opted September 2017
  Parent Elected  
Nathan Waites Parent Elected May 2017
Robin Parr Parent Elected December 2017
Helen Surawy Employee Elected May 2017


Members of the Academy Trust

Name Date Appointed Name Date Appointed
Steven Labedz April 2014 Matthew Stratton May 2017
Nysrene Hardingham April 2014 Paul Hayes July 2017
Mike Park April 2016 Felicia Drummond July 2017
Tania Osborne September 2016 Claire Copeland July 2017
Andy Cree September 2016 Amanda Barrett December 2017


Record of Governors who have served in the last year

Name of Governor Type of Appointee Date of Appointment Date of leaving
Susan Bulloch Co-Opted September 2016 August 2018
Martine Churchill Employee Elected September 2016 August 2018
Emma Hughes Employee Elected September 2018 August 2019
Adetola Adebesin Employee Elected February 2018 August 2019

Declared Interests

Nys Hardingham None None No
Hayden Taylor Unloc Learning Ltd None Arundel Court Primary School
Portsmouth College Corporation
Toby Simmonds None None Copnor Primary School
Tania Osborne None None No
Jane Beecher None None No
Robin Parr No None South Downs National Trust Park
Justine White Hampshire CC None No
Nathan Waites The Decurci Trust None No
Helen Surawy No None No
Adetola Adebesin No None No
ALNS Local Governing   Body Attendance 2016 – 2017   ALNS Local Governing   Body Attendance 2017-2018
Name Meetings Attended 

(out of a possible 6)

  Name Meetings Attended 

(out of a possible 10)

Jane Beecher 6   Adetola Adebesin 5 (out of a possible 5)
Susan Bulloch 5   Jane   Beecher 9
Martine Churchill 5   Susan Bulloch 6
Kelly Dawkins 1 (out of possible 2)   Martine Churchill 8
David Giles 2   David Giles 3 (out of possible 7)
Nys Hardingham 6   Nys Hardingham 9
Tania Osborne 5   Tania Osborne 6
Lauren Roe 2 (out of possible 2)   Toby   Simmonds 9
Toby Simmonds 6   Helen Surawy 10
Helen Surawy 2 (out of possible 2)   Hayden Taylor 5
Nathan Waites 2 (out of possible 2)   Nathan Waites 8
Justeen White 4 (out of possible 4)   Justeen White 10