Admiral Lord Nelson School

Who are our Governors?

The Governing body’s purpose is to support and challenge the school  to ensure that ALNS sustains a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction going forward; to hold the Head Teacher and school to account  for the educational performance of the school each year and to oversee the financial performance of the school ensuring that the money is well spent and provides value for money for the whole school community.

ALNS Governing Body is made up of 11Governors; Community and Authority, Parents, Staff and Head Teacher and we report to the Salterns Academy Trust (SAT).

The achievements and attainment of the school and the comprehensive learning and development experience it provides are well known in our community. ALNS achieved another GOOD OFSTED rating in 2017. We remain focussed on continuous and sustained improvement and progress, adapting and responding to the new challenges that arise every day.

So please learn more about ALNS, our aspirations and goals. We strive to include our students, teachers, parents and the wider community in which we work and live so if you have a query, an idea or want to work with us to help make ALNS even better, please contact me or the Head Teacher at the school.

Your views matter!

The Governing body are always looking for volunteers as Parent Governors – please consider joining us and adding your life skills and experience to the ALNS community.

Jane Beecher

I am currently Co-Chair of ALNS LGB and have been Vice Chair previously for 5 years. I am Link Governor for Quality of Education and Governor Development and Training.

I am a retired English teacher and have taught in Portsmouth for 35 years at CPGS and ALNS. I taught at ALNS for 16 years until my retirement in 2016 and I was a member of the Senior Leadership Team at ALNS with several Senior management roles. I was also a staff governor at ALNS for several years.

Toby Simmonds

Role on ALNS LGB: co opted
Link Governor for: Personal Development
Current Role or Job: retired
Experience or skills relevant to role on LGB:
experience governor at feeder school
Why are you a Governor at ALNS?:
Carrying on from my time as a parent governor when my daughter attended. she went on to university and is now doing well in the marketing industry. hopefully all the students passing through ALNS will get the opportunity to do this, if I can help this happen then n I have achieved my goal

Lyuda Wade

Role on ALNS LGB: Parent Governor
Link Governor for: Pupil Premium and Disadvantaged Students
Current Role or Job: Process Analyst at Lenovo
Experience or skills relevant to role on LGB:
Business analysis, project management, risk and issue management, HE experience, previous experience as a governor in HE and school, previous experience as Chair of Board of Governors

Any Connection to ALNS: child studying in Year 8

Why are you a Governor at ALNS?:
As well as having a child at this school, I enjoy “giving back” to community through volunteering. I know that being a governor adds value to the school management and governance; and also adds value and helps to improve children’s experience at the school. Good education opens opportunities for children as they grow up and enter the adulthood. And even if not all children are destined to become great, all of them should enjoy their education and have happy fulfilled lives.

Robin Parr

Role on ALNS LGB: C-opted Governor
Link Governor for: Careers and data protection
Current Role or Job: Head of Governance & Support Services at South Downs National Park Authority
Experience or skills relevant to role on LGB:
 I have always worked in a governance setting and enjoy finding creative solutions to governance issues. I bring experience of policy and strategy development, risk management, information management & data protection and performance monitoring and management.

Any Connection to ALNS: Son in year 11 /Son joining year 7 in September

Why are you a Governor at ALNS?:
School is such an important part of a child’s development and establishes the building blocks for their future .. I believe our school is committed deliver the best possible education and experience for all of our  pupils and give them the best start for their later lives – being a governor allows me to make a contribution to this work and to help provide the  best possible future of our children and our community .  

Sarah Christopher

Role on ALNS LGB: Co-opted governor
Link Governor for: Safeguarding
Current Role or Job: Portsmouth Education Partnership and School Inclusion Manager
Experience or skills relevant to role on LGB:
I have worked in education for almost 30 years in schools and local authorities. I have worked in secondary schools in London and Portsmouth as a pastoral leader, a SENCO and a member of SLT. I previous experience as a governor in infant and secondary schools and a sixth form college.

Why are you a Governor at ALNS?:
In my role at Portsmouth City Council, I have worked closely with ALNS over the last five years. I really value the school’s commitment to inclusion and to supporting the wellbeing of students and staff. I am particularly impressed with the support provided for pupils during the pandemic.

I am pleased to have joined the governing body and am looking forwarding to working alongside my fellow governors and the SLT, bringing both challenge and support, as the school continues to develop and flourish.

Helen Barnes

Role on ALNS LGB: Staff Governor
Current Role or Job: Subject leader for history at ALNS
Experience or skills relevant to role on LGB:
Previous experience as an Assistant Head delivering to Governors, knowledge of ALNS from a teacher perspective

Any Connection to ALNS: My daughter went to the school until 2020 but that link no longer remains

Why are you a Governor at ALNS?:
I hold the school in high regard as a parent of an ex-pupil and as a member of staff. I enjoy seeing the bigger picture of the school and the direction it is moving in. I value playing a part in the wider context of the school.

Nathan Waites

Role on ALNS LGB: Co-Chair and Parent Governor
Link Governor for: Human Resources and Wellbeing
Current Role or Job: Chief Financial & Operating Officer, The De Curci Trust
Experience or skills relevant to role on LGB:
I have been a School Business Leader for over 13 years with previous experience in retail and hospitality management. I am also a School Resource Management Advisor, and Chief Financial Officer Mentor in addition to my day job, and a member of Portsmouth City Council Schools’ Forum.

Any Connection to ALNS: I have had 3 children at ALNS over the last 10 years.

Why are you a Governor at ALNS?:
I have witnessed first hand, the supportive and friendly nature of the school, and the commitment of all of the staff to ensuring that each child thrives. I am proud to be a Governor and support the strategic direction of the school, and its Leadership team.

Joanna Miller

Role on ALNS LGB: Co-opted Governor
Link Governor for: Attendance and Behaviour
Current Role or Job: Programme Management Office for School Attendance, DfE
Experience or skills relevant to role on LGB: I’ve worked in education for about 10 years – working in Higher Education and in a primary school – but for the past 2 ½ years, I’ve worked for the DfE working with stakeholders. More recently, I moved to work on Attendance. Working with stakeholders throughout this incredibly difficult time has given me a real appreciation for the work that school leaders and staff have put into maintaining the education of our children. It also has given me a broad understanding of the complexities and challenges of the education system which is helpful to my role as a Governor for ALNS.

Any Connection to ALNS: I have two children at ALNS: one in Year 8 and the other in Year 11.

Why are you a Governor at ALNS?: I think that the pandemic has given many of us a fresh appreciation for the value of education – it certainly has for me! I want to help by offering ALNS support and challenge to be the best that it can be as it continues to offer a great education for all children.

Rab Bailie

Role on ALNS LGB: Parent Governor
Link Governor for: Health & Safety and Estates
Current Role or Job: Regional Operations Manager for a Facilities Management Company
Experience or skills relevant to role on LGB: I have been in the Facilities Management sector for over 25 Years and have held Engineering, Management and Director level roles throughout my career. I am currently the lead Operations Manager on the running of several schools and education facilities across the South East of England and have significant experience on how the Hard and Soft services elements of a school are managed, resourced and operated, including Lifecycle works. I also hold various qualifications relating to my job including Nebosh General Certificate

Any Connection to ALNS:
My eldest son attended ALNS and completed his GCSE’s in 2014. My youngest son started at ALNS and is now in Year 9. I specifically moved into the catchment area for ALNS in 2006 as it was our first-choice school for our first born and it has continued to be for our second child.

Why are you a Governor at ALNS?:
Having gained extensive experience on how schools are run with the work that I do, I wanted to see how my knowledge and experience could assist my son’s school journey, even if it was in a very small way. I believe I have something to give that would be of benefit to my son’s school experience, the other students as well as the school leadership team and staff. I am very much a people person and get inspired when I am able to help others.

Justeen White

Role on ALNS LGB: Co-opted by LGB
Link Governor for: SEND – Special Educational Needs and Disability
Current Role or Job: Retired
Experience or skills relevant to role on LGB: Working for Hampshire County Council on school budgets for all educational settings and sitting on strategy boards to aid improvement for struggling schools

Any Connection to ALNS: No

Why are you a Governor at ALNS?: I think that Portsmouth is a very diverse and cultural city where all children and young people should have access to the best education possible. I like the ethos of ALNS, the inclusivity, the belief that all children have a right to follow the educational path that they choose and the spirit of the staff in helping them to achieve their goals.