Helping the Heroes of the NHS, Careworkers and those working on the Frontline

With the school building closed to most students, our fabulous Design Department have turned our idle laser cutter to good use - making protective visors and ear protectors for workers on the frontline!

We have so far made and delivered over 2000 visors and 500 ear guards to 44 local NHS and care sites.

Following requests from the public, you can now donate towards materials for this project if you wish via JustGiving!

We are proud to be the Tes Creative School of the Year!

The awards recognise outstanding contributions made by education teams and individuals to help students around the country to succeed, both inside and outside the classroom.

Judges noted how arts and performing arts at Admiral Lord Nelson are connected to the school’s moral vision around rights for children: it has been given a Rights Respecting Gold award from UNICEF, and works with refugees and the Red Cross in Portsmouth. Click the banner below to learn more.

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What Ofsted say about us:

Pupils make the transition from primary schools to the academy very smoothly. Ofsted, November 2015
The academy has well-developed systems to support pupils whose attendance is not regular enough. Ofsted, November 2015
Pupils feel very well cared for and confident that the academy is physically and emotionally a secure place for them to learn. Ofsted, November 2015
The academy has thorough procedures for keeping pupils safe. Ofsted, November 2015
Pupils feel that they can tell any member of staff of their concerns, and that these will be picked up and responded to. Ofsted, November 2015
Bullying is rare, and when it does occur pupils are confident that it will be dealt with swiftly. Ofsted, November 2015
Successfully implemented plans enable pupils to become more effective learners. Ofsted, November 2015
Teachers supervise pupils in a way that models respect, and, consequently, pupils are appropriately self-disciplined. Ofsted, November 2015
Pupils conduct themselves well around the building. They take pride in their uniform and take care of their environment. Ofsted, November 2015
The academy’s routines are well established and pupils move on the stairs and through corridors sensibly. Ofsted, November 2015
Pupils that eat academy lunch are very complimentary about the standard of food available. Ofsted, November 2015
Pupils move safely and thoughtfully around the site. Ofsted, November 2015
Pupils move swiftly into lessons and settle down quickly to their work. Ofsted, November 2015
Pupils are attentive in class, listen to their teachers and show a commitment to their studies. Ofsted, November 2015
Pupils behave well around the academy. Ofsted, November 2015
A highly effective pastoral care team integrates its work well to ensure that the agreed systems are implemented consistently. Ofsted, November 2015
There is an extensive range of activities for every year group in the school, including visits and talks. Ofsted, March 2017
Pupils enjoy the many opportunities they have to develop their leadership skills. Ofsted, March 2017
There is a strong current of mutual regard and cooperation that runs through the school. Ofsted, March 2017
Parents are positive about the quality of teaching and the updates they receive about their child’s progress. Ofsted, March 2017
Disadvantaged pupils are supported well. Ofsted, March 2017
Teachers know their pupils well and plan carefully so that pupils make good progress from their starting points. Ofsted, March 2017
There is a fizz and excitement about learning. Ofsted, March 2017
Pupils receive good advice and guidance to prepare them for their futures. Ofsted, March 2017
There is an extensive personal development programme which effectively develops pupils’ knowledge of the diversity of life in modern Britain. Ofsted, March 2017
The wider curriculum is lively and interesting. Ofsted, March 2017
Staff, parents and pupils are positive about the leadership of the school with one parent commenting that ‘leaders are incredibly committed’, and pupils reporting that ‘leaders go the extra mile’. Ofsted, March 2017