What is Personal Development at Admiral Lord Nelson School?

Personal Development at Admiral Lord Nelson School is designed to help students gain the skills knowledge and understanding they need to lead healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active and responsible global citizens.

Everyone takes part in a wide range of activities and experiences across and beyond the curriculum, contributing fully to the life of the school and the wider community. In doing so, students learn to recognise their own worth, develop a sense of their own identity and the ability to take their place in the community as well as respect and work with others.

Students are encouraged to reflect on their experiences and to recognise how they are developing personally and socially, addressing the spiritual social, moral and cultural issues that form an intrinsic part of growing up.
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela


So what do we do?

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum enables all students to:

• develop lively, creative, enquiring minds, studying a full range and breadth of subjects and specialising at Key Stage 4
• acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and a world of rapid and continuous change, following an appropriate
pathway to ensure students achieve their very best
• develop personal and moral values, respect for shared values and for other cultures, religions and ways of life
• develop an understanding of the world in which they live
• appreciate human achievements and aspirations
• experience success and celebration of their achievements
• take their place in society as informed, confident and responsible citizens

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

PD Day 3 4We recognise that the development of students, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally plays a significant part not only in their ability to learn and achieve but in their ability to relate fully to and have the ability to access the world they live in. We therefore aim to provide an education that provides children with opportunities to explore and develop their own values, whilst recognising that those of others may differ. Beliefs, spiritual awareness, high standards of personal behaviour including a positive caring attitude towards other people, an understanding of their social and cultural traditions and an appreciation of the diversity and richness of other cultures are all critical skills and dispositions that we nurture, encourage and develop through our whole curriculum and beyond.

We are proud to be a restorative practice school. Being restorative is about treating others respectfully, and genuinely empowering everyone to make their own choices and find solutions whilst recognising why this is important and beneficial. This ensures we foster a true culture of mutual respect and understanding throughout the school.



We are a GOLD level UNICEF Rights Respecting School for the second time. This means at the heart of our school is the UNCRC (The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) To become a GOLD school we met 4 criteria that puts being Rights Respecting at the centre of a school, lessons must include reference to the UNCRC where appropriate, we promote the UNCRC through our student ambassadors, include it in assemblies, Personal Development programme and are an ambassadorial school. The Rights of every child around the world has become part of ethos at ALNS as we promote Global Learning. Our young people learn about their rights through every aspect of school life.

The International Schools Award

International School Award

We are really proud to currently hold the International Schools Award  for the second time which recognises the school’s commitment to ensuring our students are Global Citizens and develop their understanding of the world that we live in. This is an ambassadorial role which means we run events on Global Learning for other schools in the city to share our good practice as well as working with schools in other countries.

Personal Development Days

We have 11 days throughout the year where the usual timetable for the WHOLE SCHOOL is suspended and Year groups follow a different curriculum designed to develop students Personal Learning and Thinking skills (PLTs). They are planned by Curriculum teams and cross-organisational teams and include trips, off site visits, outside experts in school, Global learning and International visits. These days are focused on the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education of all members of our school community. These days explore a wide range of topics including Human Rights, World Book Day, STEM day to name a few. Personal Development Days also enable the school to work with the wider community and students meet a wide range of different people ranging from careers advisors to refugees.

PHSEE/ Aspiring futures

Once a fortnight the Humanities team deliver a one-hour lesson of Aspiring Futures (PHSEE)to Key Stage 3 and once a week to Key Stage 4. These lessons follow a clear of SOL and are designed to raise aspiration and support our students in developing their learning skills focusing on the following 5 strands:

  • Resilient Learner – not giving up and finding alternative ways of doing things.
  • Responsible Learner – planning ahead and showing consideration for others.
  • Resourceful Learner – adapting ideas and being creative.
  • Reasoning Learner – gathers evidence to reach conclusions.
  • Reflective Learner – Reviews progress and sets new targets.

The course is always changing to reflect current world issues but also explores Safety, Relationships and Sexual health, Anti-Bullying, British Values, Prevent, Politics, money, physical and emotional wellbeing and revision techniques.


Artsmark PlatinumWe are also very proud to be the first TRIPLE Award Artsmark Platinum School in the UK. We were a gold school for 14 years and are very proud to have been consistently recognised for the commitment we have to the Arts at ALNS. This means we look for creative ways to deliver lessons using the Arts where relevant as well as our fantastic Arts offer and range of extra-curricular activities. The Arts areas within the school are always busy and there are numerous opportunities for students for students to be involved in something they enjoy to promote their Wellbeing.


ALNS is recognised for our commitment to SMSC and the opportunities we provide for our students to develop their Social, Moral, Cultural and Spiritual knowledge and understanding through our whole curriculum.

A huge amount of clubs run throughout the school and anyone can get involved. Students also have the opportunity to run clubs themselves, become Sports Leaders and even direct performances.

Student Voice and Student Leadership

The Student Council is a large and active body of enthusiastic young people who are also involved in a City wide student voice programme (Council of Portsmouth Students). The Student Council has four sub-groups: Social Responsibility, Wellbeing, Student Leadership and Extra-Curricular, all of these groups are run by the Senior Prefect team – by students for students.

All Curriculum areas within the school have Subject Ambassadors, these are students who represent that area through events, Curriculum input and Leadership. There are also Anti-Bullying ambassadors who meet each week and lead the school’s commitment to ensuring that school is a safe place for all students. Our students are also an active part of the Council of Portsmouth Students (CoPs) every year.